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The Junkyard Golf Club in Leeds offers a unique mini-golf experience, blending creativity and fun in an unconventional setting. This venue transforms the traditional concept of mini-golf into a vibrant, eclectic adventure. Each course is meticulously designed with a whimsical twist, featuring reclaimed and repurposed items that create a visually stimulating environment. The courses challenge players with inventive obstacles and quirky themes, ensuring an engaging experience for golfers of all skill levels. Beyond golf, the venue provides a lively atmosphere with music and refreshments, making it an ideal destination for social gatherings and entertainment.


The Light the Headrow,

The Headrow,



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Opening Times

Monday: 12pm – 12am

Tuesday: 12pm – 12am

Wednesday: 12pm – 12am

Thursday: 12pm – 12am

Friday: 12pm – 1am

Saturday: 12pm – 1am

Sunday: 12pm – 10pm


Per Person Off-Peak £9.50

Per Person Peak £11.00

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