Putt Club Crazy Golf Hull


Putt Club’s Crazy Golf in Hull offers a unique, motorsport-themed mini golf experience. This 9-hole indoor course, designed with players in mind, ensures an engaging and enjoyable time for all. Each hole presents interactive challenges and innovative designs, providing a fresh twist on traditional mini golf. The venue’s focus on creating a memorable and fun experience makes it an ideal destination for families, friends, and golf enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and entertaining activity. Whether you’re a seasoned putter or new to the game, Putt Club’s Crazy Golf in Hull promises a great few hours.


Unit 1 Freightliner Rd,



Contact Details

01252 978787

Opening Times

Monday: 9am – 11pm

Tuesday: 9am – 11pm

Wednesday: 9am – 1pm

Thursday: 9am – 11pm

Friday: 9am – 11pm

Saturday: 9am -11pm

Sunday: 9am – 11pm


Per Person £5.00

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