How To Win At Mini Golf?

You can’t beat a fun game of mini golf with you mates.

While it might seem like a simple game to play, winning at mini golf requires strategy, precision, and a bit of patience.

With that said, how do you win when playing a miniature golf game? Here’s a few tips you can use the next time you’re out for a game.

How To Win At Mini Golf?


Understand the Course

Each miniature golf course is unique, featuring a variety of holes and pars, themes, and challenges.

Before you start, take a moment to observe the course layout and what it features.

Notice the placement of ramps, barriers, water hazards, and other obstacles and learn where you need need to aim.

Understanding the course layout helps you plan your shots more effectively, turning potential challenges into opportunities for creative play and fewer shots.

Perfect Your Putting Technique

The essence of mini golf is putting, so developing a consistent putting stroke is crucial if you want to find the putter sweet spot and score well.

Of course, there’s plenty of other elements to a good mini golf round, but without a good putting stroke, you’re unlikely to play well.

Some players also like to bring their own putter for the best chance of playing well, but I wouldn’t suggest it especially if it’s a first date.


Hold the putter lightly but firmly, ensuring your hands are aligned and your grip is comfortable.

If your grip is too tight then you wont be able to make a good putting stroke.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to the target line so provide a solid base.

This stable stance improves accuracy and allows you to putt freely.

Sometimes at mini golf you might not be able to get a perfect stance becuase of th obstacles, so it’s just about finding something that works in the situation.


Keep your eyes on the ball and your head still throughout the stroke.

A smooth, controlled motion is key to any good putting action.

Read the Greens

Mini golf greens may not have the same complexity as those on a traditional golf course, but they still require careful reading.

Pay attention to the slope and any undulations on the putting surface.

Even a slight incline can significantly affect the ball’s path.

Anticipate how the ball will behave after it encounters obstacles or ramps, and adjust your aim and power accordingly.

Use Obstacles to Your Advantage

Obstacles are not just barriers to your success; they can be used strategically to guide your ball closer to the hole.

For example, gently banking your ball off the side walls can help navigate tight corners or avoid hazards.

Practice shots that use obstacles creatively, and you’ll turn these challenges into valuable tools.

Patience and Precision

Rushing your shots in mini golf can lead to mistakes, but you also don’t have to take ages.

Take your time to line up each putt, considering the best approach for the shot.

Precision, rather than power, is often the key to success.

Aim for a gentle touch, especially on shorter putts, to avoid overshooting the hole.

Learn from Each Shot

Every shot in mini golf, whether successful or not, is an opportunity to learn.

Pay attention to how the ball behaves on your first shot and on different surfaces and slopes.

Use this knowledge to refine your strategy as you progress through the course.

Observing other players, especially those who navigate obstacles successfully, can also provide valuable insights.

Final Thoughts

Winning at mini golf is about more than just luck; it’s about strategy, skill, and a bit of creativity.

By understanding the course, perfecting your putting technique, reading the greens, and staying adaptable, you’ll improve your chances of success. Remember, the heart of mini golf is fun. 

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